Strata Management, Financial & Consulting Services for the Sunshine Coast, BC

LSC’s Strata Property Management offers a full selection of Strata Management services that can be tailored to meet individual Strata Corporation requirements.

Our goal and commitment is:

To enhance your property’s life span and provide quality property management that meets the needs of Strata Councils and Strata Owners at a reasonable cost.

Our services can be categorized into four
Strata Management areas:

  • Full Strata Management – incorporates the content below
  • Property Management – planning, maintenance, supervision, rental, collection and security
  • Financial Management – budgeting, insurance coverage, contingency reserve funds, accounting procedures & systems, banking
  • Strata Consulting– Strata Planning, forming Strata Corporations, assisting Strata Councils, Annual General Meetings (AGM’s), interpreting Strata bylaws.

This enables our clients to select services tailored to their specific needs. We are happy to answer any and all questions.

Providing and maintaining exceptional service,
whether you need full or partial Property Management
for your Strata Corporation.

With the LSC’s Property Management Team you can be confident that we meet all your management needs and embrace active participation from your Strata Council and will work closely with Strata Committees and members.
Below please find a quick list of some of the services we provide. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a complete list of our services, please give us a call.

strata consulting sunshine coast bc

Strata Financial Accounting Services for Sunshine Coast Strata Corporations

  • Collecting Strata Fees
  • Collect and Administer Special Assessments
  • Collect and Levy Fines
  • Sale Documentation
  • Maintain Registry of Owners and Tenants
  • Pay Accounts Payable
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Preparing Monthly Operating Statements
  • Banking
  • Year-End Financial Statements
  • Assist in preparing budgets
  • Approval of Invoices

Strata Consulting Services

Suitable for smaller and self-managing Strata Corporations. LSC will provide Consulting Services for Strata that do not require full Strata Management, but could benefit from professional assistance when required.

Strata Consulting can provide you with the following important services:

  • Interpretation Strata Property Act
  • Interpretation and set-up Schedule of Standard Bylaws
  • Assure compliance with Strata Proper Act and Strata Property Regulations
  • Set up new Strata Corporations (New Developments)
  • Preparing budgets before 1st Annual General Meeting
  • Assist in transfer from Developer to Strata Corporation
  • Prepare 1st year’s Budget
  • Set-up an accounting system
  • Assist in Strata Managerial matters
  • Assist in preparation for General Meetings
  • Assist in conducting General Meetings
  • Prepare lien certificates
  • Review and amendment of bylaws
  • Enforcing the Bylaws and Rules
  • Evaluate insurance coverage/requirements
  • Assist in Arbitration issues
  • Set-up “Sections”

Please Note: For your convenience, LSC Realty, Strata & Property Management Ltd offers the eStrataHub electronic document delivery service from Access Point information Canada (APIC) to process requests for strata documents.

Please visit eStrataHub to order your documents.

*If you do not wish to use this service, you may attend our office in person during normal business hours and complete a Form Request. Payment is due in advance by cash or certified cheque only. You will be notified when the documents are ready for pick-up.

With LSC Strata Property Management, you are always assured that you receive the best professional property management service on the Sunshine Coast.

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